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...and say goodbye to Kajabi tech headaches!

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You're already paying for Kajabi. Check out all it can do for you!

We all know the headache of constantly updating WordPress plug-ins. And SquareSpace is a monthly expense you simply don't need. 

Kajabi websites are easy to maintain, look great, and work seamlessly on the backend!

As a Kajabi Expert I will help you make the most of your investment:

  • Move your website to Kajabi
  • Lead magnet/opt in page and delivery
  • Sales pages connected to a checkout page
  • Registration pages
  • Live event registration
  • Course platform
  • Membership platform...and so much more!
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Free up your time focus on the tasks only you can do. You started this gig so you could help people, not pull your hair out trying to learn new software.

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Great Design

...walks your customer through a page like an entertaining tour guide; a cohesive look and feel keeps them scrolling instead of clicking away.

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Pages that sell

Your online pages should be working for you! With great design, clear messaging, and pages built to convert that's exactly what you'll get!

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Your message isn't seen & heard the way it should.

As an online entrepreneur you have gifts and a calling that the world is waiting for, but the tech side of things slows you down. 

You are more than capable of learning how to do it all but that's exhausting and takes you away from your zone of genius. 

Hiring a Kajabi Expert means you can focus on what really matters without losing momentum in your business.

"Melanie was exactly the type of Kajabi expert I was looking for and feel so lucky I found her."

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Let's have a chat about your business and goals

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Craft a plan

It's easy to get things done when you have a plan

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Promote with confidence

When your website and sales pages are on point you sell confidently

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Anna Y Nelson

"Melanie transferred my entire site over, connected my email service provider, hooked up my freebie so all I had to do was plug in my email copy and start creating content. Melanie is professional and has a smooth process for keeping in touch during the project phase.

She knew my website was my special creation and she took very good care of it and me. She even made some parts of my layout better as she transferred my site. If you're moving your site from one platform over to Kajabi, save yourself time and stress and hand it over to Melanie. And at the end of your project, she's an excellent teacher and will show you how to use your site on its new platform.

Melanie was exactly the type of Kajabi expert I was looking for and feel so lucky I found her."

Long Form Sales Page

Starting at $1500


  • High converting design
  • A template you can clone
  • Designed for your brand
  • Text prompts included
  • Desktop & mobile design
  • Back end set up ("Event")
  • Checkout page set up
Free Consultation

Website Build or Transfer

Starting at $5k


  • Custom domain set up
  • Acuity or Calendly added
  • Desktop & mobile design
  • Blog set up
  • Blog post re-directs
  • Custom Favicon
  • SEO set up
Free Consultation

SOS Services

Starting at $100

Same & Next Day Service

  • Sales page rescue/build
  • Website changes
  • Landing page
  • Kajabi pipeline built
  • Registration page
  • Backend tech work
  • Custom projects
Free Consultation

All packages come with: A personalized Trello board for clear and easy communication, 1 Project start call, 1 Follow-up call, Stock images, Custom assets (if needed) and a video tutorial on how to customize and clone your page.

Got a custom project? Not sure if I can help? Drop me a note at [email protected]


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Breakthrough 2020 Live Event

O.M.G. THAT. IS. AMAZING! You nailed it! - Rachel Freemon-Sowers

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Hi, I'm Melanie Lynn - Kajabi Expert

Ever wished you had someone in your corner that could create a mood with a graphic, stir emotions with a few words or just "make it work?"

And wouldn't it be nice if they had taken the courses you have and understand the crazy and amazing world of online entrepreneurship?

You just found your girl!

As a kid I used to read sales pages instead of novels and my daddy always said I "could sell ice to an eskimo."

But most online entrepreneurs don't love selling - especially if it feels anything like used car sales!

When we sell we are just exchanging an equal benefit to one another.

Your sales pages, website, and registration pages should feel like an extension of you and your brand and come from the heart - just like everything else you do!

When you hire me, you get more than a template you can fill in, you get someone in your corner that will do everything possible to convey your message and the heart of your brand.

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Kelly Travis - Workshop

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We're a great fit...

If you know who you serve and what you offer but your pages just don't convert, then...let's have a chat!

If you want pages that do the heavy lifting, designed just for your brand, then...let's have a chat!

If you have an eye for design and know you could do it on your own but need  someone to show you how Kajabi works, then...let's have a chat!

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Got a custom project? Not sure if I can help? Drop me a note at [email protected]

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